Business Process

  • Communication demand

Communicating with our clients, we understand the company’s background, business scope, culture, Organizational Chart, working environment, position requirement and specification, C&B;. In this step, the company needs to complete the form regarding the recruitment needs.

  • Accepting the commission

Sign the Recruitment Service Agreement, and the consigner makes the advanced payment according to the agreement.

  • Identifying appropriate talents

To locate candidates, we search our database, business information resources and other research materials.

  • Communicating with located candidates

Assess the candidates according to the job requirements.

  • Recommending candidates

We will recommend 2 or 3 candidates for each position after signing of the agreement, and assist our clients on interview-related matters.

  • Consigning Company interview

After the interview, we assist both sides on their way to successful cooperation.

  • Background Check

A complete background survey of the candidate on education, work experience, character, work style, etc. Provide “Background Report” to the customer for reference.

  • Talents employment and immediate help

Help with negotiating salary and Labor Contract matters; try to reach compromise for both sides.

  • Candidates on duty

Within five working days after a candidate recommended by us is employed by the company, the company shall in one payment pay the surplus service fee according to the contract provision.

  • Keeping in touch with the clients and the candidates employed

Keep in touch with both sides during the probation period, in order to help in solving possible difficulties, and after the probation period, we can also provide ongoing service according to the needs of both sides.